240 Years After UK Abolished Slavery, Anti-Slavery Teams are Set Up in Airports

Hall's Egyptian parents sold her into slavery when she was 8 for $30 a month


The great perversity of the left's obsession with promoting Third World migration to Western nations is how that migration undoes all the achievements of civilization.

240 years after Britain outlawed slavery, it's forced to deploy Anti-Slavery units at airports.

Specialist anti-slavery teams are being deployed at Heathrow and other major UK airports to combat people-trafficking gangs.

The Border Force-led teams will work at identifying potential victims of trafficking, disrupting crime gangs and collecting intelligence on trafficked adults and children.

The squads will take on the work of the Met’s specialist Operation Paladin team which investigated the trafficking of children through Heathrow airport.

Meanwhile in the United States, Shyima Hall, an Egyptian girl who was sold into slavery at the age of 8, and lived as a slave in the United States until she was freed by law enforcement, has a book out, Hidden Girl.

A decade ago, Shyima Hall was smuggled into the United States as a 10-year-old slave, forced to cook and clean inside the home of a wealthy Irvine family and, at night, sleep on a squalid mattress in a windowless garage.

Hall's Egyptian parents sold her into slavery when she was 8 for $30 a month, according to authorities. The Cairo couple who bought her moved to Irvine two years later, smuggling Hall into the U.S. where she toiled for them and their five children until she was 13.

Hall said she worked 16 hour days, scrubbing floors, cooking meals and cleaning house, and was rarely allowed outside the spacious home. She was forced to wash her own clothes in a bucket and was forbidden from going to school. She never visited a doctor or dentist and didn't speak a word of English.

Her captors, Abdel Nasser Eid Youssef Ibrahim and his former wife, Amal Ahmed Ewis-abd Motelib, berated her and occasionally slapped her around, authorities said.

Stories like these remind us that it's not all in the past. It's happening right now. While the left denounces the West for the slave trade of a century ago, it celebrates an Islamic ideology which was built on enslaving men and women and which continues the traffic in slaves even today.

Looking back to Egypt, slavery there was only shut down by Western colonialism.

For a while the British agents of the Slave Trade Bureau roamed Egypt hunting for Egyptian slavers transporting African slaves from the Sudan. One such famous case in 1894 involved Ali Pasha Sharif, the head of Egypt’s Legislative Assembly, who was charged with purchasing a smuggled Sudanese slavewoman. A few weeks earlier Ali Pasha Sharif had called for shutting down the Slave Trade Bureau on the grounds that slavery no longer existed in Egypt.

Despite such British attempts at cracking down on the slave trade, it never went away.

Count Della Sella, the former head of the Slave Trade Bureau, said that all the laws against slavery proved useless. “Now there is a constant current of thousands of these petty dealers, each of whom brings three or four women slaves with him under the name of wives and servants. They sell their slaves in Egypt and as the price has now risen, three or four, are quite enough to allow of a profitable journey. The large caravans of former days are mostly stopped, but a constant stream of small lots of slaves sets into Egypt from the Sudan.”

There's nothing new here. The Slave Trade Bureau is reborn again, but the slaves are now being smuggled by their Muslim masters into the UK itself. And the United States.