Social Justice Teens Carve Swastika into Teen Boy's Head for Calling Them "Gay"

"They beat him without compassion."


The war on bullying is really going well. It's getting better in Portland where the Red Guard appears to be working overtime.

Three teenagers accused of torturing another teenager in a backyard shed appeared in court Wednesday.

Jenna Montgomery, 15, Jess Taylor, 17, and Blue Kalmbach, 15, face a long list of charges, including kidnapping, robbery, assault and menacing. Another teenager, a 14-year-old boy, is charged as a juvenile.

Dustyn Murrain was lured to the shed in the backyard of a S.E. Portland home, beaten over the head with a crow bar and shot with a bb gun in his chest and groin. One of the four teenagers charged in the attack is also accused of carving a swastika into Murrain's forehead with a box cutter.

Before the attack was planned out, at least one day before it transpired, the victim allegedly called one of the other teens "gay," possibly fueling the senseless abuse, KATU reported.

Murrain's mother said she can't understand how anyone could think it was OK to kidnap and torture her son regardless of what he might have said about them.

She's the first to admit her son is no angel - she said he's struggled academically.

But she doesn't buy the accused teenagers claims, that Dustyn had bullied them by calling someone gay.

And even if it were true?

"I've been called lots of names and I never went out and shot anybody or beat them in the head with a crowbar," she said.

But we're in the gay rights Renaissance and in Portland, it's a whole other game. Here's a picture from Kalmbach's Facebook profile.


Murrain says her son had emergency surgery Monday night for the BB shot that went through his groin area. He has staples in his head from getting hit with a crowbar.
Alex Montoya will never forget seeing Dustyn walk into his auto shop on S.E. Powell.
It was Montoya who called 911.
"There was like a BB gun little bullets all over his body, and scratches and bruises on the head. They beat him without compassion," Montoya said.
Compassion isn't a trait inculcated in liberals except for official oppressed minorities.
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