Ramaz Pro-Khalidi Petition Gains Support from Ahmadinejad, Arafat and Hitler

Also there are a surprising number of Muslims enrolled at Ramaz.


Anti-Israel media outlets like JTA and the Forward are eagerly reporting on a petition to have Hamas apologist Rashid Khalidi appear at the Ramaz High School. Normally online petitions are laughed at, but news outlets like these breathlessly reported on an online petition gaining *gasp* 150 names.

There are perfectly good reasons why no serious news outlet takes online petitions seriously... unless it's the JTA or The Forward and and they're running low on Israel Hateclicks for the day.

Now that the petition is approaching 300 names and in an exclusive scoop that not even Mondoweiss has, The Point can report that the Ramaz Khalidi petition boasts some high profile world leaders.


A Nobel Peace Prize winner also expressed interest in attending...


Also Hitler showed up.


Aside from Hitler, a petition for an appearance at a Jewish school in New York seemed to attract a lot of German signatures who probably aren't the parents of New York Jewish day schoolers.

Who knew that the insane author of the 15th century Voynich Manuscript took a personal interest in this.


The JTA and the Forward are reporting the story as if the petition consists of students and parents, but that would mean there are a surprising number of Muslims enrolled at Ramaz.


And this is why you shouldn't take the Ramaz petition too seriously.

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