No $$$ for Benghazi Security, but State Department Insures $200 Mil in "Art"

How much security for Benghazi would selling this "masterpiece" have bought?


I'm not sure how to put a price on this piece for example. That must make it priceless. It currently is displayed/vandalizes a wall in Rome.

State Department apparatchiks under Hillary denied security for the Benghazi mission, but they had a whole lot of money to blow on bad art.

The Art in Embassies program of the U.S. State Department just turned 50 last year, but its growth in the last decade has been particularly dramatic if the insured value of the artwork is any indication.

Although Art in Embassies purchases original works, such as the $1 million sculpture for the new U.S. Embassy in London, much of the artwork on display at various State Department installations throughout the world is in fact borrowed.

In 2002, the State Department maintained a $20 million policy for artwork.  By 2010, it had grown to $65 million.

The display in Rome includes this untitled 1970 work by artist Cy Twombly:

That would be the chalkboard scrawlings. Here's some more of his work. And some more.



I wonder how much security for the Benghazi mission that selling this particular "masterpiece" could have bought. Perhaps even the lives of four Americans.

Beijing contains $23 million worth of art. Bern has $1.2 million and Luxembourg has $2.2 million. Benghazi meanwhile had inadequate security and Hillary Clinton yelling that it makes no difference now.

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