Saudis Demand Blood Money from Prison Gang Rape Imam

On this episode of Imams Behaving Badly...


On this episode of Imams Behaving Badly, a Saudi Imam who was already serving time for murder participated in a gang rape leading to a messy situation.

The Saudi justice system is essential tribal which means that it accepts blood money that can be paid to victims or family members. And it may now be up to the Imam or his family members to cough up enough blood money to cover a gang rape.

3 inmates rape prisoner after drugging him

Three prisoners, including the prison’s Imam, raped another inmate at a central prison in Saudi Arabia after drugging him.

Prisoner guards said they found the 20-year-old man drugged after the three took turns in raping him inside their cell at the prison in the northern Saudi town of Arar.

Sada newspaper said the prison’s Imam is the oldest-serving prisoner as he has been in jail for nearly 19 years after he was convicted of killing another man during a fight.

It said the court had given the Imam until the end of this month to pay diya (blood money) to the victim’s family or he would be executed.

It's rather telling that the prison's Imam is apparently also its longest serving prisoner. American prisons have major Imam chaplain problems, but at least our prison chaplain Imams aren't already in prison, though some of them are ex-cons.