Michelle Goldberg's Anti-Israel Freakout

The majority of American Jews are not committed to destroying Israel

Fresh from complaining about angry black people on Twitter, The Nation's Michelle Goldberg turned her fire on Israel and American Jews.

As discussed by Ronn Torossian at Front Page, Goldberg wrote about a "Pro-Israel Freakout."

"The Israel lobby appears to be panicking," Michelle Goldberg triumphantly wrote. What does this great panicked freakout consist of?

Earlier this week, New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage cancelled a talk by New Republic senior editor John Judis about his new book, Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli conflict, deeming it too controversial.

Then, yesterday, news came that a different institution, the Jewish Museum of New York, was scrapping a talk on Kafka by BDS supporter Judith Butler, who pulled out amid a pro-Israel uproar.

BDS stands for a boycott of Israel. Judis' book is a dishonest work of botched propaganda that others Jews while completely ignoring the rights of Middle Eastern Jewish refugees, as I discussed a few weeks ago in The Colonialism of the Anti-Israel Left.

Also the panicked freakout apparently consists of two mainstream Jewish institutions canceling appearances by liars and bigots. When Nation approved activists cause the cancellation of an event, they celebrate, and Michelle Goldberg calls it a victory, not a freakout.

When BDS hysteria leads to a popular musician canceling a tour in Israel because she doesn't want to deal with death threats on Facebook, Goldberg calls that a win, not a loss. So why is the cancellation of two events involving anti-Jewish extremists considered a freakout by the activist Jewish community?

Goldberg mentions the Avi Goldwasser documentary taking on J Street, "The J Street Challenge: The Seductive Allure of Peace in Our Time" and claims it "smears the liberal pro-Israel, pro-peace group J Street as dupes of crazed anti-Semites."

Smears, dupes, crazed. It sounds like Michelle Goldberg is the one panicking and freaking out.

"American Jews are overwhelmingly liberal, and it’s increasingly difficult to reconcile liberalism with actually manifest Zionism. Particularly among younger Jews, the cutting edge debate isn’t between AIPAC and J Street—it’s between J Street and BDS," Michelle Goldberg writes. But if that's really so, then why bother ranting about Avi Goldwasser? The anti-Israel left has won. All that's left is to collect the genocide at the back door.

Considering that J Street has welcomed BDS groups in, there is no debate. J Street and BDS are two sides of the same coin.

Ironically, The Nation was once a strong supporter of Israel. Even the majority of liberal Jews remain pro-Israel. J Street is an invention of the left. The debate between J Street and BDS is taking place on the left, not among mainstream liberal Jews.

The President of AIPAC is a liberal Obama backer. AIPAC is as right wing as the New York Times.

It's possible that Michelle Goldberg lives in a bubble and actually believes that J Street, a group with no real base in the Jewish community, funded by wealthy 1 percenter Wall Street donors looking to push their agenda, is an issue for most American Jews. I hate to disappoint Michelle Goldberg, but most American Jews have never heard of it. They've heard of BDS from their local Federation paper. And they're not for it.

Michelle Goldberg talks as if the difference between J Street and AIPAC is that the former supports a Two State Solution and the latter doesn't. Goldberg is lying and she knows it. AIPAC lobbyists first brought Palestinian Authority reps to Capitol Hill. AIPAC supports a Two State Solution. It's J Street that is letting One State Solution and BDS advocates committed to destroying Israel through the door.

Goldberg's anti-Israel allies are committed to pretending that they are the future even though their organizations represent the same narrow constituency that Elmer Berger's anti-Israel groups a few generations ago. The left keeps pretending that their latest incarnation of the American Council for Judaism is going to sink the Jewish State.

The majority of American Jews are not committed to destroying Israel nor are they interested in joining front groups like J Street for those who are. And that's not going to change no matter how much cash corrupt