Newsweek Finally Scrapping its Top 50 Leftist Rabbis List

trash-can-1 Newsweek, the zombie magazine that keeps rising from the dead, is at least doing one thing right by scrapping its Top 50 Rabbis list.

The Top 50 Rabbis list didn't reflect scholarship or religiosity, but left-wing activism.

Its top "Rabbi" for 2013 was Sharon Brous who delivered the inauguration prayer for Obama.

(Just a coincidence, right?)

Brous sits on the board of the radically anti-Israel Rabbis for Human Rights which tries to drive Jewish farmers off their land.

Its no. 2 was David Saperstein, whom Newsweek described as "Obama's Rabbi". Saperstein is also an obnoxious left-wing activist, like Brous.

Its no. 6 was Rick Jacobs, another of Obama's inauguration "Rabbis" involved with the anti-Israel New Israel Fund.

Its No. 9 was Julie Schonfeld, the third Obama inauguration "Rabbi".

(Still a coincidence.)

No. 10 was Rabbi Avi Weiss, a liberal activist who founded Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, a factory for turning out community organizers. Weiss would have never gotten this kind of recognition back when he was pro-Israel, but now that he become a front man for a left-wing seminary, he's no. 10.

No. 22 was Asher Lopatin, the head of Weiss' lefty seminary. No. 40 was Shmuly Yanklowitz, the most famous grad of Weiss's seminary who targets Orthodox Jews for harassment with his community organizer group Uri L'Tzedek.

No. 15 was Sharon Kleinbaum, a radical anti-Israel lesbian. No. 18 was Rolando Matalon, the best friend a Marxist terrorist could have.

No. 25 was Burton Viskotsky, an anti-Israel activist and chair of Rabbis for Obama.

No. 31 was Marc Schneier, Sharpton's favorite Rabbi.

No. 34 was Jill Jacobs, yet another anti-Israel activist.

No. 40 was Rachel Cowan, still another radical anti-Israel activist, and a Unitarian leftist.

I don't think anyone will miss the end of the Top 50 Rabbis list except the left-wing activists who were on it.

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