Dem Congresswoman on Ukraine: "We Seem to be Between Leaders Now"

Kaptur said she understood Russia's action. “The United States was never invaded the way Russia was.”

KAPTUR It's hard to know whether to characterize House Ukraine Caucus Co-Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur's comments on Ukraine as drivel or gibberish. The progressive politician probably doesn't know herself.

House Ukraine Caucus Co-Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur said Saturday that while she is concerned about the potential for bloodshed in Ukraine, she understood Russian military action.

Just what the Ukrainians wanted to hear, I'm sure.

“If I was President Putin, I would have worried with the collapse of the Party of Regions, about peace in the Crimea … I understand Russia’s military posture. The United States has never been invaded the way Russia has,” Kaptur said in an interview with BuzzFeed Saturday afternoon.

Kaptur is a liberal. You can't expect her to remember the War of 1812. It wasn't the one with the slaves. That's the default Communist sympathizer line that was used to excuse every Soviet invasion of another country because the poor Commies were still traumatized from the time they were invaded... after they signed a pact with Hitler to invade other countries.

Kaptur — a Democratic congresswoman from Ohio and progressive champion — argues ethnic tensions in Crimea drove Putin to take drastic action. “It was not unexpected. I view, and I’m sure the Russians do, [Crimea] as their rear flank … [and] we seem to be in between leaders right now,” Kaptur said.

Does she mean in the United States or the Ukraine? Who knows.

“I don’t know what other choices there were … it’s one of those situations where things got out of control quickly.”

Not to invade, is always a choice.

“I did not mention that Russia does not control territorial waters of the Black Sea,” she said in the email. “That means working with the government of Ukraine, official delegations of international diplomatic leaders could arrive through the Black Sea, engage in fair handed assessments of the current situation, and negotiate through the Ukrainian government deescalation of the current intervention crisis to protect Ukraine’s integrity, recognize Russia’s longstanding interests in its fleet’s access, and move toward peaceful resolution of the Crimean situation to avoid bloodshed.”

Your daily dose of gibberish has been brought to you by another progressive politician.