Muslim Brotherhood Pres Morsi's Son Arrested for Hashish

Maybe he was trying to become a Hashishin?


Maybe he was trying to become an Assassin? The Assassins were derived from Hashishin or Hasish user. (via Religion of Peace)

Egyptian police have arrested a son of deposed Islamist president Mohammed Morsi on drug possession charges, the official Middle East News Agency reports.

Abdullah, the youngest son of Morsi, was detained with a friend in the town of Benha, north of Cairo. The report said five grams of hashish was found in their car, which was meant for for personal use.

The report did not say when the arrests were made.

Abdullah is the first member of Morsi's family to be detained since July when the military toppled the Islamist leader following massive street protests against his one-year rule.

A Cairo court on Saturday resumed the trial of Morsi for allegedly inciting the killing of anti-Islamist protesters while in office in 2012.

Like father, like son.

Hashish use is widespread in Egypt though Islamists are notorious for dosing their followers with various drugs and using drug sales to finance their operations.