LA Gang Members Fighting Al Qaeda in Syria

“Check out the enimigos right there, homie,”


I didn't think I would be this conflicted about which side I wanted to win until I actually watched the video. But at least every conceivable scumbag in the world seems to be heading down to fight in Syria.

If the Syrian Civil War goes for another 10 years, it's bound to pull in NAMBLA, the Sierra Club, Cynthia McKinney, the Center for American Progress, the KKK, Greenpeace, Noam Chomsky and Jerry Brown.

Our protagonist is a Hezbollah supporter who is currently winning the Syrian Civil War by wandering around, occasionally shooting a few rounds at the "enemigos" and sending his regards to every wannabe thug in LA. About the only thing that has kept him from getting a bullet in the face so far is that the various branches of Al Qaeda are too busy fighting each other to notice him and skin him alive.

'Banging in Syria isn't a lot like in LA. When they catch you, they don't give you a public defender and three years of art therapy. They get their younger member to chop your head off for practice.

Still it's always a pleasure to see an even more retarded reenactment of Four Lions and I'm surprised that our two friends from L.A. didn't somehow manage to kill themselves while shooting this video.

But there's always next time.