Putin Threatens to Use Ukrainian Women and Children as Human Shields

"Let them try and shoot at women and children."

The real world isn't anything like the fantasy that the Western left has constructed. This is what the world was like until the last hundred years. This is what most of it is still like. This is what destroying American power leaves the world open to.

At first I assumed that the audio might have been tampered with, but the same statement is up on the RT propaganda site of the regime. Putin wants people to hear this and understand it. It's the equivalent of Khrushchev's shoe.

Putin: Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. I want you to correctly understand me.

If we reach that decision, only if we reach that decision, it will only be for the defense of Ukrainian citizens, let anyone from the military dare shoot at their own people which we will be behind, not in front but behind, let them try and shoot at women and children.

Let me see who in the Ukraine will give such an order.

RT has the official Putin line and this is how it presents it.

“We are not going to a war against the Ukrainian people,” he said. “I want you to understand it unambiguously. If we do take a decision, it would only be to protect Ukrainian citizens. Let anybody in the military dare, and they’d be shooting their own people, who would stand up in front of us. Shoot at women and children. I’d like to see anyone try and order such a thing in Ukraine.”

The RT translation makes it sound as if the Ukrainians will voluntarily act as human shields, but in fact Putin never says the "their own people who stand up in front of us" part on the video. He only states that "we will stand behind them".

This is what a Post-American world looks like.