Bill de Blasio Chooses Teachers' Union Over Black Parents

“Bill de Blasio picked the wrong school to mess with.”


Liberals always talk about education spending as "investing money in our kids". Especially when it comes to minority kids.

That's how William Wilhelm Jr. aka Bill de Blasio is selling his tax hike. But Bill de Blasio, like the rest of the left, puts educational unions first and minority parents last.

They're Mayor de Blasio’s educational orphans.

As Hizzoner battles Gov. Cuomo over prekindergarten and charter schools, nearly 200 kids whose Harlem charter de Blasio booted don’t know where they’ll go to class in September.

“I wanted the best for my daughter,” said Rakim Smith, 40, a cable technician from Harlem whose daughter Dymond is a sixth-grader at Success Academy Harlem Central Middle School. “Now they’re trying to take it away.”

“It’s going to be a tragedy if this is all taken away,” Dymond said. “We love our school. They’re taking away what is rightfully ours...  “Bill de Blasio picked the wrong school to mess with.”

“I don’t know where else I can send my son so that he can have the same level education,” said Fatoumata Kebe of the Bronx. Her 11-year-old son, Ousmane, is a fifth-grader at Harlem Central.

City officials say they don’t have another space for the school, which is one of the highest-performing in the state.

“They’re charter schools. They’re on their own now,” Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said.

“Those other places aren’t an option,” said Kalima Gilkes of Harlem, whose daughter Kayla is a fifth-grader at Success Academy. “I’d get a second job and send my daughter to private school rather than send her there.

“I think a lot of parents feel that way,” Gilkes added.

The two-year-old Success Academy boasts some of the best test scores in the city. In 2013, 96% of its fifth-graders passed state math exams, the highest rate in the state.

Many nearby district-run schools can’t measure up. Just 3% of students at Frederick Douglass Academy II Middle School could do math at grade level in 2013.

But this is what Bill de Blasio, his incompetent henchwoman Carmen Farina and their teachers' union backers want.

They don't want to see these kids educated. They want to feed them into the educational bureaucracy and then the social services bureaucracy so they will have no options except to be dependent and helpless.

The article comments from ordinary New Yorkers, including one of the parents mentioned in the article, are also revealing.


Rakim, Dymond, Fatoumata, Ousmane, Kalima. I bet most of these folks voted for De Blasio and it serves them right...

Kalima Gilkes

Fact is I'm Kalima and I didn't vote for De Blasio, so please get your "facts" straight!

ernaldo clarke

Di Blasio believes, blacks voted for him overwhelmingly, therefore.......I own them and their choice. Not anymore Bill.....two plus two does not equal "six"....

John X

The Mayor simply wants to ensure that every NYC student gets the same bad education from the worst school system in the country. Yes, the most expensive city school system in the world is also the worst.

Daivd Ng

I like to see de Blasio take Dante de Blasio (his son) out of the public elite school (Brooklyn Tech High School) and send  to the Harlem High School.  He'll be lucky if he does not beat up and he will learn nothing from the Harlem teachers.  de Blasio should send his kids to the same  school that he wants to send these Charter school kids to!

Jerry Lopato

This is the Democratic (as in party) way.  Forget about the individual and just think of the group.  Individuals get hurt and every individual gets averaged down to a group result.  The lowest common denominator..