Valerie Jarrett Office Promotes ObamaCare to Muslims

With ObamaCare, you can enroll all your wives


The Iranian-born Jarrett's White Office of Public Engagement is trying to combine together two of her favorite things.

As Ray Hanania points out, the office "often fails to distinguish between “Arab” and “Muslim,” but that's because the only Arabs that Obama and Jarrett are interested in are Muslims. Just ask the Copts in Egypt.

There are at least two Muslims in the Office of Public Engagement and when Obama delivered his big ObamaCare defense, of the 13 human props surrounding him, two were Muslim.

The White House has launched a new outreach initiative targeting American Arabs and Muslims hoping to nudge the normally low-profile mainstream American Arabs to a higher level of social engagement and involvement.

The outreach is being headed by Rumana Ahmed of the White Office of Public Engagement. In their first newsletter email to the public, Ms. Ahmed presented an overview of services and programs American Arabs should engage, although the language often fails to distinguish between “Arab” and “Muslim,” a common challenge facing American Arabs.

Rumana Ahmed is an executive assistant to Jarrett.

Here is the latest newsletter sent out by the office targeting American Arabs and Muslims:

March 7-9 will be National Muslim American Enrollment Weekend! We are working with various organizations and community leaders across the U.S. to make sure members in their community learn more about health care enrollment and the upcoming March 31st deadline. We are calling on you as community leaders to also take part in this national effort of “Muslim American Enrollment Weekend” on March 7- 9th to make it a success or plan an event before March 31st!

With ObamaCare, you can enroll all your wives. Female genital mutilation is fully covered and no pesky questions are asked about honor killings.