+1 Million Children Stopped Eating School Lunches Because of Michelle Obama

A decline in the 1.6 million students who pay full price for meals


Michelle Obama's school lunches are about as popular as poison ivy.

The First Lady has turned more young people against Democrats than any GOP politician in history. I discovered this last year when my daughter stormed home from school shouting, “Michelle Obama ruined our lunches!”

But don't worry, this isn't a bug, it's a feature. Like ObamaCare and every government social program, ObamaLunch is doing what it's supposed to.

Nationwide, student participation in the National School Lunch Program declined by 1.2 million students after having increased steadily for many years.

This decrease was driven primarily by a decline of 1.6 million students eating school lunch who pay full price for meals, despite increases in students eating school lunch who receive free meals.

State and local officials reported that the changes to lunch content and nutrition requirements , as well as other factors, influenced student participation.

This is why Team Obama doesn't care about the student lunch revolts. Just like ObamaCare, this isn't about those who pay, but those who don't. The goal is to increase free rider participation and then eventually mandate paying participation.

The targets of the program are free riders and their social problems. The rest don't matter except when it comes to eventually forcing them to pay into the system. And even that doesn't matter. The ObamaCare mandate was a sop to insurance companies. It wasn't in Obama's original plan.

Big gov planners don't worry too much about admission fees, they just raise taxes wholesale.

The entire fitness obsession was not about American students overall, but about supposed vulnerable groups whose parents don't parent and who need the nanny state to do it for them.