Medea Benjamin/Code Pink Caught Lying About Involvement in Egyptian Protests

Would a notorious terrorist supporter blatantly lie about her actions?


Would a notorious terrorist supporter blatantly lie about her actions? I'm as shocked as you are. Maybe even twice as shocked.

Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin, leader of the terrorist support group Code Pink, gave an interview to an Egyptian reporter this week about her deportation from Egypt this week in which she told a bald faced lie...

“Benjamin still does not know why she was on a no-fly list in Cairo. Although she was in Tahrir Square during the 2011 uprising, she had no involvement with the protests against ousted president Hosni Mubarak. When pressed for a reason, Benjamin suggested that it was due to her participation in a “Freedom March” in support of Palestinians that took place in Cairo in 2010.

“[CODEPINK] tried not to get involved [in Egyptian politics], but now I feel like it has been forced on me."

As Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit documents, Code Pink raised money on their own site for the protests and Medea Benjamin participated in protests.

Here's Medea Benjamin in 2001

"Benjamin told us by cell phone just minutes also that while the government of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak government has now signalled it will “go down kicking and screaming,” pro-democracy protesters are fully determined and “ready to die here.”

But she noted it couldn’t stop her and the Code Pinkers who took to the square Wednesday, parading a large banner in both English and Arabic, reading: “The World Says It’s Time For Mubarak to Go.”

Clearly Medea Benjamin wasn't involved at all in Egyptian politics.

You talk about being "ready to die here" and suddenly Egypt wants to deport you. And that's without reference to your love affair with Hamas, a terrorist group that Egypt is no longer fond of.