Socialist vs. Socialist - Ralph Nader Blasts Bernie Sanders

"Your letters are full of warnings about the right-wing, corporate interests out to defeat you."


Petty and pathetic. Two P's that typically characterize the great personalities of the left.

Ralph Nader ran for president and helped George W. Bush win Florida setting off a torrent of hate and denial. Now the Senate's most prominent Socialist, Bernie Sanders is talking up his own presidential run. So Nader decided to fire off a letter blasting Sanders for skipping out on his convention... in 2007.

"In the past year I have called you many times at your Washington office. Your staff dutifully takes my messages, forwards them to you and you do not call back," Nader's whiny missive begins.

Nader truculently documents his failed attempts at kissing Socialist senate butt. "During your famous marathon address on the Senate floor in 2010, I called to congratulate you and suggest that your cogent arguments be reproduced in a small book. Your staff took the message to you. No return call."

And then Sanders bailed on Nader seven years ago. And Nader has not forgotten or forgiven. "Back in 2007, we held the most notable conference on corporate power and reforms in the country right in Washington, D.C... I sent you a letter requesting an explanation for not showing up to relay back to the disappointed people who were in attendance. You chose not to reply."

Somehow I don't think Sanders is the only one who doesn't reply to Ralph Nader's letters.

Then Nader suggests that Sanders is just using his Socialist cred to fundraise. "You do communicate in one way  repeatedly, intensely, and expressing alarm. Along with others deemed to be on the right mailing lists, I receive many of your fundraising letters to help Bernie get re-elected. Your letters are full of warnings about the right-wing, corporate interests out to defeat you a shoo-in for re-election. Quick send a check to ward off the Huns."

And Nader closes on a whiny self-serving note. "The national civic community in the nation’s capital can provide
much greater support if they can ever get in regular contact on major agendas with you and your staff."

Sure, sure.

So what is Ralph Nader doing these days besides writing passive aggressive letters to Bernie Sanders?

Ralph Nader... launched a petition urging New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera not to retire; announced plans to open a tort law museum in his small Connecticut hometown; promised to recruit “enlightened billionaires or multibillionaires” to run for president; and wrote an open letter to Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig protesting the all-you-can-eat food deals at certain stadiums.

...  and spent two days counting the cars turning illegally onto Connecticut Avenue NW so he could complain to city officials about poorly positioned “No Left Turn” signs.

I have a feeling that there are a whole bunch of passive aggressive Nader letters out there that he types up to everyone from NPR to Michael Moore.