Al-Ghoul Blown Up While Training Terrorists to Make Bombs

His Hamas bosses stated that he was "on a long bright path of Jihad".


Things were going well for Ibrahim Mohammed al-Ghoul. Despite his ghoulish name, or because of it, his Hamas bosses stated that he was "on a long bright path of Jihad".

But then al-Ghoul cut the red wire when he should have cut the green write or the other way around and he reached the end of the path at Jihad clearing and blew himself up while wounding nine aspiring terrorists.

Most of those wounded reportedly had serious injuries and if any of them can be classified as infidels due to dog ownership or insufficient beard length, al-Ghoul might still get his virgins.

According to Hamas, it has "has its best men to be in the playground of death". So it's safe to say that al-Ghoul rocked back and forth in the swing of murder, played a bit in the homicide sandbox and then went straight down the slide of death.

A field commander for Hamas’ military wing was killed Saturday and nine others were injured during a training session on building bombs, Israeli and Palestinian media reported.

The military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, released a statement saying its operative was killed in an accidental “internal explosion” in Gaza.

The explosion took place in the Hashashin neighborhood of Rafah which is an ironic place for a Muslim terrorist to die.

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