Chinese Communists Remind American Leftists What Torture Really Is

"The sickening crunch reverberated in his mind,"


Obama, Thomas Friedman and other progressives constantly talk about how much America needs to be more like China, but this is a little reminder of what China really is and how is really does things.

The local Chinese official remembers all too clearly the panic he felt in Room 109. He had refused again and again to confess to bribery he says he didn't commit, and his four Communist Party interrogators were forcing his legs farther apart than they could go.

Zhou Wangyan begged them to stop. But the men taunted him and kept pushing.

Then, with a loud "ka-cha," his left thigh bone snapped. The sickening crunch reverberated in his mind, nearly drowning out his howls of pain and the frantic pounding of his heart.

This incidentally is also what torture looks like. And Gitmo isn't it.

Zhou said he was deprived of sleep and food, nearly drowned, whipped with wires and forced to eat excrement. The others reported being turned into human punching bags, strung up by the wrists from high windows, or dragged along the floor, face down, by their feet...

Local anti-graft officials on a Hunan online forum in February last year denied Zhou was tortured, saying he injured himself by slipping in the bathroom.

...On at least three nights, they pinned him down and force-fed him feces and urine with a spoon. They dubbed the meals "American Western Feast" and "Eight Treasures Porridge."

Some of this is actually the result of China's dysfunctional hybrid system of crony capitalism and Communist bureaucracy which is just as messy and unstable as our version of it. The corruption in both sectors is tremendous and the attempts at controlling it are themselves corrupted by corruption. China is cracking up though it isn't obvious.

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