Rich Communist Labor Leader Who Lived in Subsidized Housing Dies

'Where does it say that a socialist can’t live in a council house? Did Karl Marx write that?'


Bob Crow, a Communist Party member who made out like a bandit with union politics died. There are many things to remember Bob Crow for.

Like this.

On being criticised for taking a £10,000 holiday to Brazil days ahead of a crippling two day London Underground strike, earlier this year:

"What do you want me to do? Sit under a tree and read Karl Marx every day?"

Or this.

Mr Crow, from Essex, was also unrepentant in living in a council house despite his high income, saying: "I was born in a council house, as far as I'm concerned I will die in one."

Last year Mr Crow claimed he had ‘no moral duty at all’ to move out of his rented council house, despite suggestions from ministers that wealthy tenants should quit to free up space for the poor.

Mr Crow, who was interviewed over a three-course lunch at Westminster’s fashionable Inn the Park restaurant, claimed to be a ‘communist socialist’ who believed in ‘a society that is based on need rather than greed’.

He argued that if he did move he would be seen as having deserted his working class roots. “If I moved out of my house tomorrow the first thing you’d say is Comrade Crow leaves his roots,” he said.

'Where does it say that a socialist can’t live in a council house? Did Karl Marx write that?'

Or this.

Mr Crow regularly faced criticism over his £145,000-a-year pay packet, but in an interview broadcast yesterday he insisted he deserved the money. "I am worth it, yeah."

On MPs’ pay, he added: ‘Anyone in the public sector, we are all civil servants, we are serving civilisation.

'That is what a civil servant does, and they should be paid accordingly. I do believe they [MPs] should have a pay rise.’

And finally...

'I'm not going to be hanging around for ever. I won't be one of these people like Lenin in a mausoleum'

So no mausoleum for Bob Crow. That's a relief. But the economic damage he inflicted on the UK can be his grave marker.

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