Detroit Woman Dead for 4 Years Went on Voting

Ignore the walking voting dead.


When politicians chant, "4 More Years", this usually isn't what they mean. But sometimes it is.

Voting records are raising questions amid an investigation into the discovery of a woman’s mummified body in the garage of a foreclosed metro Detroit home.

The body found last Wednesday in Pontiac is that of Pia Farrenkopf — according to her sister, Paula Logan. Authorities investigating the case haven’t released her name, but they have said that the woman apparently died in 2008 at the age of 49.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, records show Farrenkopf as voting in the November 2010 gubernatorial election. Officials say, however, that it may represent an administrative error. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard says the information must be checked out.

Farrenkopf’s body was found March 5 in the back seat of her Jeep Liberty, parked in the attached garage of her home in the 1600 block of Savanna, near Walton Boulevard and Silver Lake Road in Pontiac. The discovery was made just after 5 p.m. by a contractor who was working at the home, which is going through foreclosure.

I'm sure it's one big administrative error. After all, Democrats keep insisting that voter fraud isn't a problem. It's not a problem in Chicago. It's not a problem in Newark. It's not a problem in Detroit.

Ignore the walking voting dead. They're just undead Democrats.