Racist California Dem Encourages 9/11 Truthers

"The Vietnamese are trying to take my seat."

California Democrat Loretta Sanchez outed herself as a racist Vietnamese Truther when she claimed that "the Vietnamese are trying to take my seat."

After repeatedly flirting with anti-war groups, the Congressman who has spent more time attending parties at the Playboy Mansion than passing bills in Congress, decided to give 9/11 Truthers a pat on the back.

CALLER: I have been watching your show, and it is sad to know that you have silenced the voices that talk about building seven on 9/11.

HOST: We have not silenced them. They have called into the show.

LORETTA SANCHEZ: I think it is a good thing for people to push and suggest there might be other answers. Honestly, the best information we get comes from constituents who tell us, have you seen this, that document. We have found out a lot of things that way.

Sure, the best information about what happened on September 11 comes not from those at the scene, but 9/11 Truthers in Anaheim.