Saudi Cleric Who Hates America and Women, Outlaws "All You Can Eat" Buffets

“Whoever enters the buffet and eats is violating Islamic law,"

It's  Haram! It's Haram!

Islam is on a mission to outlaw every single thing in existence... except murdering people in its name. Women have been banned from swimming in the ocean, a fatwa hit was put out on Mickey Mouse and emoticons were banned.

So the only thing left to do was ban "all you can eat" buffets.  Saleh al-Fawzan, who specializes in hating anything good, eventually got down to buffets.

A fatwa (religious edict) against “all you can eat” buffets by a Saudi cleric has stirred debate among users of social networking site Twitter.

The cleric, Saleh al-Fawzan, recently issued a fatwa through a kingdom-based Quranic TV station prohibiting open buffets, saying that the value and quantity of what is sold should be pre-determined before it is purchased.

“Whoever enters the buffet and eats for 10 or 50 riyals without deciding the quantity they will eat is violating Sharia (Islamic) law,” said Fawzan on al-Atheer channel.

Besides buffets, Saleh al-Fawzan also hates women and America.

In 2008, Fawzan declared, "Now, Allah be praised, America is collapsing, according to the same scenario of the Russian collapse."

Also he called for killing atheists, called Christians hateful idolaters and he's not too fond of women either.

The Prophet Muhammad said about women: "I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you"...

Islam has surrounded the woman with a fence of compassion and mercy. It has shown that the twisted nature of women stems from their very creation.

Also the twisted nature of "All you can eat buffets". Not to mention the twisted nature of Saudi clerics.