US Official: Iran Still Illegally Obtaining Materials for Nuclear Program

"We continue to see them setting up front companies,"

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According to Obama, sanctions would cause Iran to end the negotiations. But there's nothing that will cause Obama to end the negotiations and the sellout.

Not even Iran threatening the US repeatedly and continuing its old practices despite sanctions relief.

Vann Van Diepen, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation, said Iran was still "very actively" creating front companies and engaging in other activity to conceal procurements.

Asked if he had seen a change in Iranian procurement behavior in the past six to 12 months, a period that has seen a cautious thaw in U.S.-Iranian relations after decades of hostility, Van Diepen replied: "The short answer is no.

"They still continue very actively trying to procure items for their nuclear program and missile program and other programs," he told Reuters in an interview.

"We continue to see them very actively setting up and operating through front companies, falsifying documentation, engaging in multiple levels of trans-shipment ... to put more apparent distance between where the item originally came from and where it is ultimately going."

At this point I don't know why they even bother hiding their activities.

The reported supplies do not contravene last year's breakthrough agreement between Tehran and six world powers to curb its most sensitive atomic activity in exchange for some limited easing of sanctions damaging its economy.

But such trade would breach a 2006 U.N. embargo banning the provision by any nation to Iran of materials related to its nuclear and missile development work.

Of course they don't. Because the agreement is useless. It's a paper shield for both sides. Obama gets to pretend that he isn't deliberately letting Iran go nuclear and Iran gets to go nuclear.