Will Asian-Americans Kill Affirmative Action?

"America is about equal opportunity, not about equal entitlements."


I'm afraid that Mickey Kaus is being rather optimistic here.

This is more of a temporary internal uprising. And with good reason. Asian-Americans generally poll as pro-affirmative action because they do benefit from it. What they poll against is proportional affirmative action in which quotas are tied to a percentage of the population.

It's not a question of Asian-American groups opposing affirmative action, but opposing implementations of affirmative action that hurt them. If they ever do become an actual majority, they will probably swing a good deal to the right and vote conservative. But until then, this is something that the establishment can adjust to.

A lot of Asian-Americans as individuals are skeptical of affirmative action. The Change.org petition against SCA 5 is full of opinions that are on the conservative side. But the Asian-American political establishment is often just an adjunct of the Democratic Party, much like the American Jewish political establishment. It's not about to drop one of its major selling points to minority voters.


wei zhang FREMONT, CA

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.


I believe racial preference in college admission is not the right practice and violates the

Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Children who study and work hard should deserve equal opportunity in college admission regardless of their race or gender.

yuanchun tian CAMPBELL, CA

Fairness is important! If a kid work harder and get better grade, no matter what, the kid should have better chance to go to desirable school!


I can't see my "reason", so I will repost it. This is the wrong approach to solve the alleged problem. America is about equal opportunity, not about equal entitlements. It won't help the groups it was supposed to help, it will only discourage the correct motivation for going to a college. You can have more comprehensive exams in admission process, but you can not bias against race. This is not promoting humanity, this is against it.


Any law/practice based on race - a concept already being deemed as political rather than scientific or rational - is unjustified.

Longtao Yu EDISON, NJ

Anything, anything based on racial background, skin color or gender is just fundamentally wrong. It's just that simple. Period!

Don't forget, Asian Americans is a small minority group too in this country. If Senator Hernandez can give a legitimate reason, other than racial background about why any other Americans should be treated differently than Asian Americans in the public education system, I'll support it. But I am sure he can't.

If I were an American with any other racial background, I wouldn't have sought this kind of 'support', because it only means that my group is indeed weak and can't really compete in terms of ability. I am asking for mercy because of my skin color and and It's just disgraceful.

It's really a shame that this kind of bill can even be submitted and discussed in the state level legislatures in 21st century. America is going backwards?