Dem Senator on MSNBC: Russia's "Weak" Invasion Proof of Obama's "Strength"

If Russia invades Alaska, just think how weak Putin will look.


If Russia invades Alaska, just think how weak Putin will look then.

Senator Chris Murphy went to the Ukraine. Then he came back to appear on Chris Hayes' All In on MSNBC to explain how everything is just fine.

"Frankly the fact that we are here today with a very weak Russia, having the entirety of the Ukraine turn away and having engaged in a panicky reaction is partly a result of the United States' strength on this issue, standing with the protesters," Senator Chris Murphy said.

Civilians might be a bit confused. Usually it's the countries doing the invading who are strong and the countries standing there frowning impotently who are weak. But soft power advocates know that real strength comes from not invading countries and not doing anything to stop those who do.

Obama's minions trying to claim that supporting the protesters from a distance is strength is cynical and hypocritical. It's the greatest show of strength from Obama Inc. since he eventually decided to sorta support the Iranian protesters, but eventually cut a deal with Iran to let it go nuclear anyway.

Chris Hayes, always eager to go to the left of the left, worried that sanctions on Russia would "escalate" the situation.

Murphy replied that, "You've got to give Putin the chance to reverse course."

Why would Putin reverse course considering that he just successfully seized the Crimea and Obama has made it clear that he will do nothing about it?

Elsewhere, Murphy frantically kept on spinning, claiming that this is really a big loss for Putin.

He pointed out that the Crimean population is about 2 million out of a total of 45 million people in Ukraine.

“Ultimately, if the end result is that the other 43 million join the European Union, this is a huge loss for Putin, not a win,” he said.

Murphy hasn't gotten the memo, but Putin isn't stopping with Crimea. It's not clear that he will stop at all. Not when Obama is showing so much "strength".

But fortunately Murphy has the solution.

First President Obama’s humorous Web interview went viral. Now it’s a bona fide phenomenon, at least one Democratic senator said.

Sen. Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, plans to speak about the “Between Two Ferns Effect” on the chamber floor Wednesday morning, a reference to Mr. Obama’s decision to tout his health care law this week on a parody show hosted by comedian Zach Galifianakis.

Poor pathetic Putin. How can he hope to win without the “Between Two Ferns Effect”?