President of Country that Putin Invaded in 2009 Predicted Invasion of Crimea

So what did Hillary's State Department do with that information?


Good thing we don't pay attention to history. It enables us to press the reset button and begin anew each time.

In one of the many Wikileaks diplomatic cables published online a few years back, the US Embassy in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia reports that then-president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, believed Russian President Vladimir Putin had eyes on Crimea.

UKRAINE – NEXT ON PUTIN’S TO DO LIST? 11. (C) Saakashvili stressed repeatedly that he expected Russia to follow its 2008 invasion of Georgia with intervention in Crimea. He predicted that Russia would incite tension in the peninsula and then make a generous offer to Yanukovych (presumed as the next president) to help solve the problem. Saakashvili said that Putin wants to keep the pressure on Ukraine and Georgia as a lesson and a warning to others in the former Soviet Union.

So what did Hillary's State Department do with that information? Same thing they did with all the requests for security for the Benghazi mission. When you have your eyes on the White House in 2016, you don't waste time seeing that some silly little diplomatic mission gets more guards or anticipating the invasion of some place you never heard of.

Instead you get a "Reset Button" photo op and party around the world and then make speeches about being a role model for the little girls of tomorrow.

Could we have anticipated this? Yes. Did we anticipate it? What difference does it make anyway?