Hamas Ponders Referendum to Incorporate Gaza into Russia

If Gaza becomes Russian, it may even have nuclear weapons,

lavrov hamas Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh

If Putin really wants a Middle Eastern port and a million violent Muslims, some Russian women in Gaza know where he can find one.

According to the pro-Hamas Palestine Information Center there are around 50,000 Russian women in Gaza imported as brides who are proposing a referendum to have Gaza follow Crimea by seeking anschluss with Russia.

Gaza is home to about fifty thousand citizens of the Russian Federation, mainly women who have married Palestinian Arabs. Now the Russian community in Gaza is discussing plans to apply to the Hamas government  and initiate a referendum on joining Russia.

"Moscow said it would defend its citizens, no matter where in the world they may be," - said N., one of the activists of the community, which became part of the initiative group.

If Gaza becomes Russian, it will have strong, well-stocked borders, modern weapons, and maybe even nuclear weapons, and then the Zionist "Israel" and the Egyptian junta will be in for a surprise.

As for the "permission" to hold a referendum from Ramallah (it's basic "charge" to the West Crimea: did not consult with Kiev), it is not required, because Abbas's rule has been illegitimate for more than five years, as well as the parliament, which was not re-elected within its constitutional term.

Asked about the fact that Russia is geographically far from the Gaza Strip, N. replies that it is not a problem: "Is Gibraltar is close to Britain or the Falkland Islands?"

Hamas has never been all that committed to the myth of "Palestine". Its Interior Minister has argued that its people are really Egyptians and Saudis.

Russia does have ties to Hamas and Israel and Russia have been at war before. Russian forces were prepared to attack Israel in 1967 and quite a few Russian pilots were shot down and captured in the Yom Kippur War. (For that matter the North Koreans were there too.)

Still it's doubtful that Hamas would go so far as to undermine its credibility with Muslim countries by letting this go too far ahead and even more doubtful that Putin would want to throw this much weight around especially since it would mean having to supply Gaza by sea and defend it by air against every Israeli attack in response to every Hamas rocket attack on Israel. And considering the mix of other terror groups, some of whom hate the Russians, Russian personnel wouldn't be safe on the ground either.

There's a reason that this story appears to only show up on the PIC's Russian site. It'll eventually be picked up by RT and the domestic Russian propaganda press, if it hasn't already, accompanied by interviews demonizing Israel. (There will be little mention of the fact that many Russian women in Arab Muslim villages are virtual slaves with no way out.)

The whole thing is a propaganda opportunity and little else. For now.

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