Max Blumenthal Now Shilling for Putin

Blumenthal is clearly ready for a gig at RT.


Max Blumenthal, a creepy fellow you may know as Clinton aide Sid Blumenthal's son who caught some public attention for writing a book that even critics of Israel referred to as a selection of the Hamas Book of the Month Club, is going Full Greenwald.

After an anchorwoman for Putin's RT propaganda network resigned, Max Blumenthal wrote up an "expose" claiming that "Cold War-Hungry Neocons" were behind it.

By "Cold War-Hungry Neocons", Blumenthal means James Kirchik, a gay writer for the Daily Beast who was around 9 when the USSR fell.

Apparently a "cadre of neoconservatives" hungry for Cold War and Hot Dogs targeted a propaganda news network that 99 percent of its viewers only encounter while searching for dashcam accidents on YouTube.... "to deepen tensions with Russia."

Forget invading Crimea. The real tension deepening comes from an on-air resignation.

"With isolated skeptics branded as useful idiots for Putin, the scene has been kept clean of neoconservative fingerprints, obscuring their interest in Wahl’s resignation and the broader push to deepen tensions with Russia," Blumenthal writes, preemptively defending himself against anyone who might accuse him of shilling for Putin.

So Max Blumenthal, intrepid journalist, went straight to the source. Putin. That is his employees and got the real scoop on Liz Wahl, the anchorwoman, the vast neocon conspiracy to revive the Cold War with an on-air resignation and how much Liz sucked... according to the employees of the propaganda network she resigned from.

According to RT, Wahl was a "deeply disgruntled employee seeking an exit strategy from a job where, sources say, she was disciplined for unprofessional behavior and had been demoted".

That's completely atypical of the sort of thing a company would say about an employee who vocally quit. At least they didn't claim she stole the silverware.

I'm not sure how you can be demoted from reciting Putin's propaganda on a news network no one watches. Maybe scrubbing Putin's golden toilet?

More damningly, "Wahl did not return several voice and text messages sent to her cellphone." A woman didn't return Max Blumenthal's voice and text messages? She must be one of those evil Cold War neo-conservatives!

According to Blum, "Kirchick worked for part of 2011 out of Prague for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a media network funded by Congress (formerly backed by the CIA) that functions like the American answer to RT in Russian-aligned Eastern European countries."

It's telling that Max Blumenthal compares Radio Liberty to RT, but you can't really expect much from the author of a Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club worthy tome.

Meanwhile Blumenthal cheerfully litters his piece with bizarre alternate universe Putin propaganda like this.

"Saakashvili adopted a confrontational stance toward Putin. In 2008, his American-trained military briefly intervened in the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, then retreated after a crushing defeat at the hands of the Russian military."

Blumenthal is clearly ready for a gig at RT.