Anita Hill Did Not "Speak Truth to Power"

Standing behind her was the media in its massed voices


I'm not even talking about whether Anita Hill's allegations were true. It's the 'power' part that I'm concerned with.

The poster for the new Anita Hill doc carries the tagline, "Speaking Truth to Power". Some of the women who accused Bill Clinton of abusive behavior spoke truth to power. Anita Hill did not.

Those women were dragged through the mud by the media and the political establishment orchestrated by Hillary Clinton. They were powerless and remained powerless.

Anita Hill had the entire liberal establishment at her back. Standing behind her was the media in its massed voices, the Democratic Party and the entertainment industry.

The power that Hill was confronting was a weak Republican one term president. It wasn't much of a match. Justice Thomas barely squeaked through the process.

It's possible to believe that Hill was telling the truth, but it's blatantly dishonest to present her as one woman challenging "power". The documentary is yet another reminder that Hill was part of a propaganda effort targeting a Supreme Court Justice that liberals were threatened by because he was a black conservative. Behind Hill was all the power of a political movement.

There will never be a documentary about any of the women who accused Bill Clinton. Because when you really do speak truth to power, power doesn't celebrate your story. It silences you.