Only 5% of Americans Want Hillary as the "Best Choice" for President

Only 1% want her because she would be "good for the common people".


Why would anyone vote for Hillary? Good question. According to this Gallup poll, 18% of Americans think that the best thing about a Hillary presidency would be having a "First Woman President."

That's not an argument for why Hillary should be president. It's an argument for why someone from 50% of the population should be president.

Only 5% of Americans want Hillary because she is the best choice. 8% just want a change from the Obama admin. 6% support any Democrat. 9% want her because she has foreign policy experience and only 3% want her because they think she's smart.

2% just want Bill Clinton back in the White House. 2% agree with her politics. 2% think she'll promote diversity.

1% want her because she would be "good for the common people". 1% want her because they think she's honest.

2% fantasize that she'll help with the economy.  1% hope she'll "end the wars".

27% have nothing to say. 22% have no opinion. That's half of those who were asked. Like Hillary's supporters, they can't actually name anything she did or is good at.

But that won't stop the media from treating President Hillary as inevitable and unbeatable.