Ex-CAIR Official Celebrates Victory Over "Zionist Hollywood" for Forcing Cancellation of Alice in Arabia

That would be the same "Zionist Hollywood", in which terrorists are never Muslim

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Nothing says fighting bigotry... like bigotry.

Hamas supporter Cyrus McGoldrick was the Civil Rights Manager for the CAIR chapter in New York, a front organization for the international hate group and terror group known as the Muslim Brotherhood, which also supported Hamas.

Alice in Arabia, an ABC Family pilot that would have been critical of Saudi Arabia, was swarmed on by CAIR and its media allies, almost right away, even though none of them had actually seen it.

And so ABC Family did the politically correct thing and cancelled it.

The Onion's AV Club, the only part of it that reads like a parody, but isn't, "Everyone already hates ABC Family's Alice In Arabia."

By everybody, Sonia Saraiya meant the people on CAIR's mailing list.  Sonia declared it "racist" without actually having seen the pilot either. But actually watching shows before you denounce them is passe.

The premise of Alice in Arabia of Saudi sexism and a set of events that happens in real life all the time was less important than claiming that Islam is a race.

Dean Obeidallah declared that Hollywood has a "Muslim problem." It does. A "Pandering to Muslims" problem. No other group would be able to get a TV show canceled sight unseen.

Cyrus McGoldrick however said what Dean and his ilk don't dare write in the pages of the Daily Beast.

Getting ‪#‎AliceInArabia‬ cancelled was a good move – I’m glad it got done so quickly, too. These skirmishes with Zionist Hollywood should be easy and decisive, and I’m so pleasantly surprised that this was. S/o to ADC, CAIR, and the many individuals who stormed the internet and handled this.

That would be the same "Zionist Hollywood", in which terrorists are hardly ever Arab Muslims, and which bends over backward to appease hatemongers like McGoldrick and the hateful ideology that he and his terrorist buddies support.