Campus "Fat Justice" Event Blames Reagan for Plight of Fat People

BMI has “direct links to a white supremacist, patriarchal, colonizing, exploitative force.”


Finally something that can't be blamed on Bush.

A “Fat Justice and Feminism” seminar sponsored by Swarthmore College blamed Ronald Reagan for the suffering of fat people and accused the Body mass index (BMI) of having “direct links to a white supremacist.”

” The March 20 workshop to address “the ongoing exploitation and oppression of fat people” was funded by the Women’s Resource Center, Dean Karen Henry, History Department, Gender and Sexuality Studies,  Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Interpretation Theory and—most curiously—Worth Health Center.

The workshop, taught by feminist activist Cora Segal and self-identified “angry, man-hating lesbian,” Nicole Sullivan, took place Thursday and sought to “address the ongoing exploitation and oppression of fat people.”

The Fat Justice event revealed the secret white supremacism of dieting.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is an entirely erroneous and useless metric, as it was invented by a “white, male, French astronomer,” Adolphe Quetelet. Thus BMI has “direct links to a white supremacist, patriarchal, colonizing, exploitative force.”  [Quetelet was actually a Belgian mathematician.]

Belgian, French, who cares. He was probably colonizing Africa with his BMI. Also his name was Adolphe, do you need me to draw you a map here?

For Segal and Sullivan, the 1960s and 1970s were notable because they welcomed “communism and socialism as viable alternatives to capitalism and exploitation.”

Also many Soviet leaders were on the chubby side, unlike their people who were starving to death. But that's a form of dieting that Fat Justice activists can apparently endorse.

Ronald Reagan is partially responsible for all suffering of fat people, as he “f*cked everything up.” [No specific evidence about Reagan’s perverse policies or animosity toward obese people was offered.]

It's Reagan. He's responsible for everything that Bush or Nixon didn't do. If your sock has a hole in it, it's Reagan's fault.

I was disappointed that Segal and Sullivan employed the tiresome approach that says if you attach accusations of “oppression” to a cause, the cis-gendered white male capitalist patriarchy should automatically begin self-flagellation for its role in orchestrating lifelong misery...

Moreover, I found it depressing that the speakers were so eager to write-off programs urging young people to eat healthfully and exercise as “oppression” on the part of “patriarchy, white supremacists, and capitalism.” Such programs have been the centerpiece of Michelle Obama’s activity as First Lady. As far as I know, Michelle Obama could not accurately be described as a patriarchal white supremacist.

Ah but what if she is? Maybe Michelle Obama is suffering from false consciousness having absorbed the white supremacist patriarchal critique of her weight and having internalized this distorted image is compensating for her inability to achieve an ideal weight by inflicting her inner torment on America's children?