Obama Still Insisting Romney was Wrong about Russia

"Russia is threatening its neighbors not out of strength but out of weakness."

Never give up. Except to Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China and everyone else. But keep fighting Republicans until the bitter end.

Obama told European reporters today that Russia’s invasion of Crimea was not out of strength but out of weakness.

“With respect to Mr. Romney’s assertion that Russia is our number one geopolitical foe, the truth of the matter is that, um, America’s got a whole lot of challenges. Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors not out of strength but out of weakness.”

I realize that the strength-weakness thing is a talking point that somebody at CAP developed, but nobody buys the idea that Putin is weak for conquering other countries while Obama is strongly for being unable to stand up to him.

Russia is a regional power, but it still has many of the basic tools of a world power, nuclear weapons, vast territory, international alliances and an ambition to displace the United States.

Russia's alliances with so-called rogue states and the Latin American left aren't quite the equal of the old Cold War era, but they do help make Russia a geopolitical foe.

Obama insists on denying the obvious. Russia is no longer the subject of snide Palin jokes. The people making those jokes have been proven wrong, but they're still pretending that nothing is wrong.