Reid Can Be Beaten If the GOP Stands Up to Him

“Of course, they’re disappointed."


Why did Harry Reid back down on the IMF?

It wasn't because of Republican opposition in the Senate where McCain and Co. once again sold out. It was because the House stood on its principles, for once, that more taxpayer money wasn't funneled into the IMF sinkhole.

Reid had begun using the vote to claim that Republicans were responsible for Putin's invasion of Ukraine, but at some level above him, a decision was made that it was more important to shore up Obama's incompetence by pointing to something that he actually did than trying to use Ukraine to bash Republicans.

Senate Democrats on Tuesday dropped their demands that International Monetary Fund reforms be included in a Ukraine aid package.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced the change, saying he wanted to ensure that Congress could pass the package quickly.

“As much as I think a majority of the Senate would like to have gotten that done with IMF in it, it was headed to nowhere in the House,” Reid said.

Reid acknowledged the White House was not happy with the decision. “Of course, they’re disappointed. We have to get IMF reformed but we can’t hold up the other [parts of the legislation],” he said.

Sure it's a tragedy for a guy like Reid who runs off dirty money and sees packaging a bailout for foreign interests into an aid bill as a no-brainer.

Reid may still be throwing his tantrums, but he will back down when turning an issue into a roadblock no longer serves his master.