Kerry Spokeswoman: Israel Discriminating Against Muslims

Racism is the trump card in every argument.


It's called national security. Under Obama however, the Department of Homeland Security is more concerned with undermining security for political correctness.

Discrimination against visiting Muslims is the primary reason Israel is not eligible for a program allowing Israeli tourists in to the United States without visas, the Obama administration said.

“The Department of Homeland Security and State remain concerned with the unequal treatment that Palestinian Americans and other Americans of Middle Eastern origin experience at Israel’s border and checkpoints, and reciprocity is the most basic condition of the Visa Waiver Program,” Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman, said March 21 in her daily briefing with reporters.

Psaki’s remarks came after several weeks in which a number of lawmakers, led by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), have criticized US consular services for their rate of refusal of young Israelis.

This seems to be the Psaki-Kerry response to the issues raised by Schumer. Schumer asked why so many Israelis were being turned down. Psaki is replying that Israel is racist.

One doesn't really relate much to the other, but Psaki is a product of the left for whom "racism" is the trump card in every argument.

Even while Obama Inc. has been making it easier for Saudis to enter the United States by dismantling the last remains of the 9/11 security measures and even making it easier for Syrians with terror ties to enter the US, it's been making it more difficult for Israelis.

Muslim groups have been lobbying against the Israeli Visa Waiver program for some time. Israel has continued choosing national security over political correctness. The United States would be better off doing the same thing.