Was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Lost Because of Terrorism?

Terrorists want people to know what they did and why they did it.


Terrorists want people to know what they did and why they did it. Terrorist groups usually rapidly put out a statement taking credit for an attack that they took part in... or didn't take part in.

Terrorist groups live off publicity and donations. They need to constantly kill people and issue press releases about it to keep the Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatari money flowing.

If a terrorist group had been behind the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, why has no statement been issued, not counting one or two claims that no one is taking too seriously? It's possible that like Bin Laden, the group responsible decided that they had reached when they saw what they had done and decided to shut up about it.

Possibly with the encouragement of Malaysian authorities.

Lone wolf attackers however have more trouble getting their message out. Consider cases like Nidal Hassan, who was forced to belatedly pass on writings to FOX News years after the attack trying to explain his terrorist motives. And Hassan was still alive.

If a lone pilot had decided to take down Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, he would have left a note or a video, but he had to be careful that it wouldn't leak until he was in the air. And that might have precluded passing anything on to Jihadist sites, which are rotten with informants. He might have left it on his computer or his place, assuming that it would be found and broadcast.

The only reason why it wouldn't have been revealed is a deliberate cover up by Malaysian authorities. That appears to be what China suspects and why it's treating Malaysia so rudely. Rightly or wrongly, the Chinese government believes that the Malaysian authorities have known more than they are willing to say all along. And considering China's extensive intelligence network, they might even have independent verification of that.

But it's also possible that this wasn't terrorism. The left jumps in to deny that every Muslim terror attack is what it is. I try to be careful not to prematurely label an attack as terrorist before there is real evidence. It's one thing to speculate, it's another thing to act as if you're sure before the facts are in.

There are plausible reasons why Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 could have been a terrorist attack. But there are other possibilities too. Unlike the United States, China is not likely to rest until it gets to the bottom of what really happened and once it does, it isn't likely to cover up the truth for political correctness.

If Malaysia Airlines Flight 370  was terrorism, then I suspect we'll know sooner or later.