UN Resolution "Isolating Russia" Doesn't Actually Mention Russia

“It is a warning to Putin to not go further or face even greater global criticism.”


The Obamanites are celebrating the UN Resolution on Crimea as a major win that isolates Russia. One problem, it doesn't actually mention Russia.


"United Nations General Assembly Vote Isolates Russia" is the Times headline. But then the Times story admits that the "two-page text does not identify Russia by name."

It's hard to claim that it's isolating Russia, when it isn't mentioning Russia. Also it's a symbolic non-binding resolution.

Mr. Burns added: “It is also, indirectly, a warning to Putin to not go further in invading either Eastern Ukraine or Moldova or else face even greater global criticism.”

I'm sure Putin is trembling in his slippers at the thought of more indirect non-binding votes not even mentioning him.

The entire debate is mostly meaningless as it refers to the fake referendum, rather than the invasion, shifting the debate into Putin's court.

The vote proves that Russia doesn't have much support for its invasion of Ukraine, outside the usual places like Belarus, Bolivia, Cuba or North Korea; but it doesn't have any meaningful opposition either.

The vote did go definitely against Russia, but like most totalitarian states, Putin's Russia exists inside its own Iraqi Minister of Info alternative reality.

“This is a rather good result for us. We have earned a moral and political victory. There can be no question of Russia’s isolation in this situation,” Russia's UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said.

If Putin ever falls, Vitaly can have Jen Psaki's job at the State Department.