Obama Inc. Spent $700,000 on Global Warming Musical

Didn't someone make a Chicken Little musical already?

That's what $700K buys you That's what $700K buys you

It's not a joke, but this administration is.

House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith questioned White House science czar John Holdren in a Thursday hearing over whether or not the National Science Foundation (NSF) should have to justify its use of taxpayer dollars to fund projects. Smith pointed out some examples of questionable projects the NSF has funded.

$700,000 on a climate change musical

The $700,000 went to the play “The Great Immensity,” which is being put on by an investigative theater group called The Civilians. The play is set to premiere next month in New York City.

The play’s plot is summarized as follows: “Through her search, Phyllis uncovers a mysterious plot surrounding the upcoming international climate summit in Auckland. As the days count down to the Auckland Summit, Phyllis must decipher the plan and possibly stop it in time. With arresting projected film and video and a wide-ranging score of songs, The Great Immensity is a highly theatrical look into one of the most vital questions of our time: how can we change ourselves and our society in time to solve the enormous environmental challenges that confront us?”

So it's like a bad thriller, except set to equally bad music. And it'll be put on in New York City, a place where it's vitally necessary to convince people that the sky is falling because they don't believe in Warmunism yet. But now that Obama insists on cutting the military further, there'll be plenty of money for cowboy poetry and Global Warming musicals.

But didn't someone make a Chicken Little musical already?