California's ObamaCare Sends Voter Cards Pre-Marked for Democratic Party

There's only one option in the new Democratic California.


While conservatives talk, liberals build. While conservatives argue, liberals build infrastructure that they control.

While conservatives fine tune arguments, deciding which ideas to keep and which to 'evolve' on, liberals win the argument by building institutions around people.

A local couple called 10News concerned after they received an envelope from the state’s Obamacare website, Covered California. Inside was a letter discussing voter registration and a registration card pre-marked with an “x” in the box next to Democratic Party.

The couple – who did not want their identity revealed – received the letter and voter registration card from their health insurance provider Covered California, the state-run agency that implements President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

They have lived in La Mesa for years and they have always been registered to vote Republican. Now, they are perplexed as to how the voter registration card pre-marked Democrat ended up in their mailbox.

“I’m an old guy and I never would have noticed it, except I have an accountant that notices every dot and dash on a piece of paper as a wife,” said the man who received the mailer.

Covered California began mailing out voter signup cards to nearly 4 million enrollees last week after being threatened with a lawsuit by voting rights groups. But that does not explain the pre-filled out voter registration card.

Getting out the vote and locking it in is half the reason why the left does anything. Its big plan is linking social welfare to voting. ObamaCare is just another link in the chain.

And why bother giving the sheep options? There's only meant to be one option in the new Democratic California.