MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Gets Beaten by Golden Girls Rerun, Faces Cancellation

“He sort of stinks on TV.”


It's not completely clear here whether Ronan Farrow got beaten by a Golden Girls rerun among all viewers or the coveted 18-49 demo. It would be even funnier if it were the latter.

Now Farrow, who won the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism two days after starting his MSNBC show, may be about to lose it.

Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC talk show is facing cancellation amid poor ratings, sources exclusively tell [email protected]

“He sort of stinks on TV,” an MSNBC source told [email protected] “He hasn’t turned out to be the superstar they were hoping for.”

Is there anyone on MSNBC who doesn't stink on TV? Hayes is creepy and wooden. Maddow grates. Sharpton can't read the teleprompter. Larry O'Donnell acts like he's having a psychotic episode every show. Ed Schultz turns red and sweats. Chris Matthews' forced laughter is a sign of a man at the end of his rope. And he's the only TV pro left.

The theory was that Farrow, a Rhodes scholar who graduated college when he was 15 and went on to score degrees from Yale and Oxford, would bring his 245,000 Twitter followers with him to television. “But that hasn’t happened,” the source said. “Just because someone is a boy genius-turned-Twitter star doesn’t mean they deserve their own TV show.”

Does anyone actually bring their Twitter followers anywhere? Were MSNBC brass so clueless as to think that 245,000 Twitter followers would mean 245,000 viewers? And isn't that kind of what they got?

Last Wednesday, Farrow drew an average of about 312,000 total viewers, which might be stellar for Twitter but “is rather measly for someone who is supposed to be a major national personality,” another source said.

Supposed to be is the right word here.

Even worse: Wednesday’s show was 708th among all programming ranked by Nielsen, in both total viewers and the 18-to-49 age group advertisers covet. The midnight airing of “Baggage” on the Game Show Network came in ahead of it, at No. 707, and the 8 a.m. “Golden Girls” on the Hallmark Channel (No. 700) crushed it.

Somewhere Keith Olbermann is laughing maliciously.