Reid, Whose Campaigns are Funded by Law Firms, Claims Supreme Court Decision Drowns "Voices of Working Americans"

Since 2009, Reid scored $3.6 million from law firms


Senator Harry Reid's top donors are mostly law firms. These are followed closely by financial firms and lobbyists and health professionals.

Since 2009, Reid scored $3.6 million from law firms, $1.2 million from investment companies and $1 million from lobbyists.

"Today's Supreme Court ruling gives even more power to the wealthiest few who are trying to buy our democracy, like the Koch Brothers," Harry Reid responded to the decision lifting contribution limits. "Citizens United was one of the worst decisions in the history of the Court. Today's ruling further drowns the voices of working Americans."

Whom does Reid think he's really kidding?

As documented by The Point, Reid's PAC that's running Koch Brothers ads is funded by millions from Michael Bloomberg. One of Reid's big bundlers was recently sentenced to prison for illegally funneling money to his campaign.

Reid gets his money from ordinary working Americans like Comcast and AT&T. Not to mention MGM Resorts. He no doubt spends a lot of time listening to the ordinary voices of the working people at the New York law firm that is his top donor.

The wealthiest few are Democrats. They bought and paid for the Democratic majority that plunged the country deep into debt while they profited from it.

Nobody needs to buy our democracy. Men like Harry Reid have sold it long ago. And done their best to dismantle any opposition to their rule.