Dem Senate Candidate Would Rather Appear in TV Ad with Bush than Obama

And can you blame her?


That's President George H.W. Bush, though I suspect Ms. Nunn's ad people would find Bush II a safer choice than Obama I.

Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn and a star Democratic recruit in this midterm election cycle, also describes her tenure as CEO of the Points of Light Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by former President Bush.

Nunn is pictured with Bush at one point during the ad — consistent with her strategy so far to tout her association with the former president and other Republicans in hopes of establishing a reputation as a political moderate in a Republican-leaning state.

Nunn will face the winner of a crowded Republican primary race to be held May 20, with a potential runoff in July.

Considering how many potshots liberals took at "A Thousand Points of Light", it's a little funny to see a Dem candidate emerge from that background. But they do know how to monetize any non-profit.

Nunn headed an organization to encourage volunteering while earning a $300,000 salary.

But here's a more accurate Michelle Nunn ad.