Insane Leftist Student: "Ban the Illini Chief or I'll Shoot Myself"

"I was told I was acting like a “personally wounded party, and like a child”


Chief Illiniwek was already eliminated by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, but the Chief has stuck around despite attempts to ban him.

But the issue hasn't gone away. Suey Park, the Twitter activist responsible for missing the point on #CancelColbert, has moved on to banning Chief Illiniwek using as her argument this insane suicide threat from one Xochitl Sandoval.

"I dont need a counselor, I need you to #BanTheChief" and then contradicts herself by saying, "Emotional damage should be more important than the money you get from pro-Chief alums #BanTheChief"

"I was told I was acting like a “personally wounded party, and like a child”

"On March 11, I had the thought that I should commit suicide. I specifically thought “blow your brains out on the quad.” #BanTheChief

"My process was as follows: Write a letter to Mr. Jamie and explain that this whole Chief situation was so unbearable... would then purchase a gun, load it, go onto the quad, stand facing Union, bring the gun up to my temple, and pull the trigger."

Had Xochitl been a white male student, the mere mention of using a firearm on campus, would have resulted in four SWAT teams and permanent expulsion, but minority privilege means different rules.

What led to Xochitl's fake suicide threat? The supernatural powers of Chief Illiniwek.

Maybe by committing suicide, you, Chancellor Phyllis Wise, the Board of Trustees, and the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Administration will realize that no, I am not exaggerating about the emotional, physical and spiritual pain that seeing the former-yet-still-lingering Chief mascot has on me.

On March 3, 2014, I wrote an email to my Spanish professor expressing my concerns as a student in her class. One student had been wearing sweatshirts with the name ‘Chief’ on them, and a second came with a sweater that had the image on it.

Apparently even seeing the word "Chief" is traumatic to Xochitl. Maybe even Fire Chief.

I explained to her that as an indigenous student, this image and every likeness to it represented a complete disregard for American Indian culture and spiritual practices, and that every time I saw it, it was not only an emotional stab, but also an impediment to my academic success.

Something tells me that Xochitl had bigger "impediments" than the spiritual impact of t-shirts.

In the student handbook in Section 1-302 Rules of Conduct, number 5 states that “engaging in behavior which is so persistent, pervasive, or severe as to deny a person’s ability to participate in the University community” is grounds for discipline, which every likeness to the Chief is to me.

Yes, but to some students Xochitl's ridiculous tantrums make it impossible to participate in the university community.

I met with the attorney on March 11, after which, while walking across the quad on my way to the Native American House, I watched myself purchase a gun and commit suicide on the quad.

Clearly it's the Chief's fault. This woman is otherwise ridiculously sane.

The attorney told me that the only two options that were available to me were to either mediate a conversation with the students who were using the Chief name and logo, or to give a presentation to my class without mentioning my complaint about how this mascot was offensive to some American Indian people. To the first, I was appalled. I did not understand the logic in having to confront the people who were the ones hurting me, and so I said no.

Sure, it's crazy to try and communicate with people. Just make suicide threats and demand that the school PC it out for you.

Welcome to the Millennial Babies edition.

As I look through the Campus Spirit Revival facebook page, I feel the nauseating anger take hold of me again.

Join the club.

He stated that it is not possible to find something that offends no one, and told us this heartfelt story of his childhood:

“When I was little I had a harrowing experience with animal crackers because I couldn’t decide whether they wanted to be eaten or not, and I couldn’t eat animal crackers, but we can’t ban animal crackers because of that”

Last I checked, I’m not an animal cracker. And people in general aren’t animal crackers. To compare the two is faulty logic.

Xochitl needs to double check the animal cracker thing. Seriously.