Noah Falls 61.1% in Second Weekend

It's hard to say whether Noah will lose or make money


Despite adding four theaters, Noah fell sharply by 61.1%. This being Hollywood, it was a case of one left-wing movie being run over by another left-wing movie, Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Noah's per theater average fell below that of The Grand Budapest Hotel and if it wasn't for its huge lead in theaters, it would be doing much worse. The environmentalist anti-religious epic starring Russell Crowe is showing in 3,571 theaters.

The Noah drop is worse than Russell Crowe's previously unpopular Robin Hood which only fell 48% on its second weekend. At the rate that Noah is falling, it will likely not make back its production budget domestically, let alone its promotional budget. But it has already made over $100 million internationally much of it in Mexico and South Korea.

That puts it into a nebulous territory where due to the intricacies of movieland bookkeeping, it's hard to say whether Noah will ultimately lose or make money, but it's certainly not going to be a major hit.

Cinemascore still rates Noah at C indicating that audiences hate it more than any other movie in current release.