EU Rules Electric Cars Must Make Noise

Electric cars will make useless noises for no reason... just like the European Union.

Daily Mail - News

Lefties normally love electric cars because they can travel 4 miles an hour powered only by unicorn dreams and the wishes of Third World children for social and economic justice. Unfortunately they do have one major gaping flaw.

They don't make nearly enough noise. The EU, which issues more regulations a day than there are people in the EU, has come to the rescue with a plan to force electric cars to make useless noises for no reason... just like the European Union.

Silent but potentially deadly electric cars will have to be fitted with artificial ‘sound generators’ so blind and partially sighted pedestrians can hear them coming, the European Parliament voted today.

Blind pedestrians may hear them coming, but they won't know which direction they're coming from or how to get out of their way. Also has there been a plague of electric cars running over the blind?

It is part of new EU legislation which will also require conventional cars and lorries with petrol and diesel engines to make 25% less noise.

Only the EU can order some cars to make less noise and other cars to make more noise.

The MEPs voted to introduce mandatory “acoustic vehicle alerting systems” (AVAS) – sounding like a conventional engine - to all new electric and hybrid cars to protect vulnerable road users.

Earlier proposals from the European Commission called for the installation of an artificial sound system to be done on a voluntary basis only. But Liberal Democrat MEPs successfully introduced an amendment making this a mandatory requirement for all electric and hybrid vehicles...

It's also a mandatory requirement for all Liberal Democrat MEPs. Unfortunately.