Al Qaeda Terrorist Freed from Gitmo Finally Blown Away in Syria

Ibrahim Bin Shakaran has gone to the big Gitmo in the sky.


DOD didn't want to set Ibrahim Bin Shakaran loose, but he ended up being turned over to Morocco where he began recruiting for Al Qaeda in Iraq. After being repeatedly arrested and released, he meets his 72 raisins a decade after his original release from Gitmo.

Last year, Bin Shakaran announced that he had a big new Jihad going down. Ibrahim Bin Shakaran aka Brahim Benchekroune went on a social media Jihad.

Brahim Benchekroune created accounts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to attract Moroccans to his new jihadist movement, Sham al-Islam. The group also announced a media arm, "the Mashers" Foundation, to oversee its public outreach.

On August 31st, the group outlined its principles, based on al-Qaeda's takfirist ideology.

"We consider democracy to be kufr against God Almighty and a doctrine that is in contradiction to Allah's sharia," Sham al-Islam said. The movement calls for engaging in jihad against apostates from Islam.

Benchekroune is trying to exploit his new position in Syria - his presence on the battlefield and his ties to the main terrorist groups in the region - to introduce himself as an emir of the Moroccan jihadist salafist movement, Rami says.

His Emirism didn't last very long. Ibrahim Bin Shakaran has gone to the big Gitmo in the sky.

Bin Shakaran, who is also known as Abu Ahmad al Maghribi, Abu Ahmad al Muhajir, and Brahim Benchekroune, was “martyred, Insha’Allah, in battles for Hilltop # 45 in Latakia.”

The 2003 JTF-GTMO threat assessment recommended that Bin Shakaran remain in custody as he “poses a high risk as he is likely to pose a threat against the US, its interests, or her allies.”

Despite the assessment, the US transferred Bin Shakaran to Moroccan custody in July 2004, and he was released shortly afterward by Moroccan authorities.

Bin Shakaran immediately returned to the fight. The Defense Department reported in 2008 that Bin Shakaran and another freed Guantanamo detainee known as Mohammed Bin Ahmad Mizouz were involved “in a terrorist network recruiting Moroccans to fight for Abu Musab al Zarqawi’s al Qaeda in Iraq.” Zarqawi’s group was responsible for killing and wounding thousands of US soldiers in Iraq.

A December 2003 leaked threat assessment authored by Joint Task Force Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO) identified Bin Shakaran as a “high-ranking member” of the theological commission of the Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group, an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization. According to the assessment, he traveled to Afghanistan in November 2000, “attended basic and advanced training at the Al Farouq training camp,” a known al Qaeda facility, “from January to May 2001,” and then “rotated to the front lines near Kabul” in October 2001 after the US invaded Afghanistan.

Hilltop #45 finally did to Bin Shakaran what Bush didn't do.