Mozilla Firefox Falls to 3rd Place, Hits Lowest User Level Ever

It's not hard to see why Firefox is doomed.


Firefox's market share has been dropping for some time, but it has now fallen to third place behind Google Chrome for the first time.

While Google Chrome has been struggling with market share, Firefox has been in a steady decline down to 17% market share in March from 20% in May of last year.

Firefox fell below 18% this year so that it no longer even claimed a fifth of internet users.

Opera's market share has also fallen, but may rise again as users search for browser alternatives to Firefox.

Firefox's decline had more to do with its technical problems, including its infamous memory leak which reared its ugly ahead again recently, than gay marriage, but its purge of CEO Brendan Eich would not have helped matters any.

Eich however might have been able to turn Mozilla around. Instead it's flailing, its mobile strategy has been a disaster, its browser has become the new Internet Explorer, clunky and slow to change. While Opera and Chrome have innovated, for example if you see a sound button on a Chrome tab, you know which tab is playing audio, Firefox has continued churning out clunkier versions of its browser.

For a full featured browser, Opera is better. For something lighter (though still prone to memory leaks), there's always Chrome.

And for those who want to stick with the default, there's Internet Explorer. So it's not hard to see why Firefox is doomed.

Firefox calculated that it would offend fewer people by purging Eich. It may have made a big mistake as there is just as much of a backlash in the tech company over Eich's purging in the name of gay rights.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech?! Is Ms Baker, a lawyer, kidding? How did Mr Eich’s personal action of 2008 of donating his own money to a successful political cause compromise the equality of anybody? Everybody had the right to vote, didn’t they? Is allowing his right to donate to a successful political campaign worse than denying his US Constitutional First Amendment right to freedom of speech? What sort of inverted world are we now living in?

Message to Winifred Mitchell Baker: Equality and free speech are two sides of the same coin! There cannot be any inconsistency between the two. The minute you deny one, then you deny the other.