Ana Marie Cox's Cynical "War on Women" Attack on Breitbart

Cox isn't offended by sexism. She doesn't represent women.


The left will grasp as any straw to declare a War on Women or to cry racism while completely refusing to acknowledge its own bad behavior.

The latest is Wonkette founder Ana Marie Cox writing a column denouncing the Republican "War on Women" over Breitbart California's photoshops of California public figures and politicians, including Nancy Pelosi.

Cox declared that she was "speechless with rage" and wrote in her column that,

On Monday, the hugely influential smugly promoted Sabo's freelance advertising campaign for its site. It included, among other startling images, Nancy Pelosi in this explicitly pornographic pose of Miley Cyrus...

Sabo's iconography may be draw from Cyrus, but to put a woman who didn't choose to pose that way into that position is a form of virtual sexual assault. This is very much like when Hustler decided to demean columnist SE Cupp in an even more vulgar form. Conservatives were justifiably aghast...

We talk about a Republican "war on women", and the GOP has floundered in its response.

There might be someone on the left who can credibly condemn the Pelosi pic, but it isn't Cox. Wonkette has run far more offensive pictures of female conservative politicians, especially Michelle Bachmann.

And speaking of Bachmann, Saturday Night Live recently had Miley Cyrus reenact sexually explicit material while pretending to be her. Somehow I don't think that it left Cox speechless with rage.

Wonkette had no problems running the SNL clip.

Cox isn't offended by sexism. She doesn't represent women. She's a card carrying leftist carrying on her mission of attacking conservatives for any hypocritical reason whatsoever.

The idea that the Democrats are the party that cares about women is a joke. Its punchlines are named Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. The War on Women spiel is the prep work for turning Bill Clinton's wife into a presidential candidate, not because she's qualified, but because America is now Argentina and rewarding the wife of a top politician with a top spot, because she is his wife, is being passed off as progress for women.

There is no war on women. There is a war on America being waged by the left. And no, the GOP doesn't have a "women problem". Romney won among white women 56 to 42 percent.

The GOP does not have a problem with women. Democrats have a problem with telling the truth.