Bodyguard: Arafat Didn't Mean It When He Condemned Terror Against Civilians

“Islam allows you to lie in three cases."

In things that everyone knew, but it's nice to have on video anyway, comes this interview with an Arafat bodyguard that should put the rest the myth, that no one believed since 2002 anyway, that Arafat had ever abandoned terrorism.

As Palestinian Authority president, Yasser Arafat’s public condemnations of terror attacks against Israeli civilians were lies born of Egyptian pressure, his ex-bodyguard revealed last week

In an interview with BBC Arabic, translated by MEMRI, Muhammad Al-Daya conceded that Arafat “would condemn the bombing in his own special way, saying: ‘I am against the killing of civilians.’ But that wasn’t true.”

If he were against it, he wouldn't do it.

The denouncements were not issued of Arafat’s own volition, Al-Daya explained, but were rather the result of badgering by the then-Egyptian president.

“This would happen due to pressure, especially by President Hosni Mubarak,” he said. “Mubarak would call Arafat and say to him: ‘Denounce it, or they will screw you.’ Arafat would say to Mubarak: ‘Mr. President, we have martyrs. The [Israelis] have destroyed us. They have massacred us.’ But Mubarak would say to him: ‘Denounce it, or they will screw you.’”

Which is to say that neither Mubarak nor Arafat genuinely opposed terrorism.

These lies were in no way opposed to Islamic law, Al-Daya continued.

“Islam allows you to lie in three cases: In order to reconcile two people,” he said. “If your wife is ugly, you are allowed to tell her she is the most beautiful woman alive. The third case is politics. You are allowed to lie in politics.”

Now you know what negotiations with any Muslim country are worth. Nothing.

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