Kerry: Our Goal is Not Eliminating Iranian Nuclear Capability

Kerry has once again adopted the viewpoint of the enemy


Sometimes a choice of words can be extremely revealing. That was the case with Kerry's contentious testimony in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Under pressure, Kerry tends to slip and say revealing things. That was how the infamous, "for it and against it" clip was born.

Kerry dismissed breakout as “just having one bomb’s worth, conceivably, of material, but without any necessary capacity to put it in anything, to deliver it, to have any mechanism to do so, and otherwise.”

He then admitted that “our goal” is not eliminating nuclear capability as much as “proving that this is a peaceful program.”

The first part of that is a preview of the next stage of Obama Inc's Iran argument. One bomb doesn't matter. Wait until they have thirty.

The second part however is even more revealing.

“I talked with our team on the ground in Vienna yesterday,” Kerry said. “They are having serious, expert, in-depth, detailed conversations about what it takes to achieve our goal. I mean, of proving that this is a peaceful program.”

Proving the peacefulness of Iran's program should be its responsibility. It's not supposed to be our goal to prove that, but to find ways of confirming it.

But Kerry spoke truly. He is out to prove that it's peaceful. Whom is he out to prove it to? To Americans.

Just as in Vietnam and Nicaragua, Kerry has once again adopted the viewpoint of the enemy and is using it to make the enemy's argument to Americans.